We are located approximately 90 minutes from Confederation BridgeCharlottetown, and Cavendish.

Direct Route:  Travelling off the bridge head towards Summerside (the nearest city from Waterford Cottages & Campground, 75 minute drive).

Take route 2 towards Tignish. You will pass Wellington, O’Leary, and Elmsdale until you reach Profit’s Corner RACE TRAC GAS in Woodvale.

Turn left on Union Road heading to St. Louis.  Turn right onto Thompson Road. Head towards the ocean!

Turn right onto Route 14, North Cape Coastal Drive. We are just a few minutes away on the ocean.   Park and walk up to the large yellow house/office.  Can’t miss us!

Scenic Route: For a more scenic drive turn left at Coleman Corner or at O’Leary corner and head towards the beach (10 minutes until you reach North Cape Coastal Drive).

Turn right towards Waterford Cottages and enjoy a 30 minute drive of high capes and scenic views of farmland and ocean.

Please note GPS takes guests in many different routes as does Google Maps so we advise people to use the above directions.